ACE – Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship

ACE – winner of the European Enterprise Awards 2011 – is a joint initiative of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), VU University, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA), and the Amsterdam School of Arts (AHK). As a leading Center for Entrepreneurship ACE stimulates high-quality entrepreneurship through research and education. ACE successfully accomplishes its mission by joining forces with four top universities and universities of applied sciences based in Amsterdam. With a broad educational programme, ACE works on the increasing entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. Furthermore, the relevance and applicability of its research for entrepreneurship contributes to the further development of the entrepreneurial climate.

However entrepreneurship is not just limited to education. ACE is a breeding ground for science based start-ups (ACE Venture Lab), and features a Summer School, an Entrepreneurship Day and a student council (ACE Connect); with a wide range of relevant activities ACE brings bring entrepreneurship into practice. These initiatives inspire, stimulate and raise the bar for students, researchers and entrepreneurs.

 ACE Building

ACE – Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship

Amsterdam University – Amsterdam Business School
Roetersstraat 11, kamer E 2.28
1018 WB Amsterdam
the Netherlands

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