Your Wake-Up Call

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  • Your Wake-Up CallWhy a book about Inspiration, Motivation and Enthusiasm?

    How did I come up with the title for this book? I always say: “Everyone is born with a network, and through life, your network grows, based on your values and norms and the respect that you earn through your actions to give back. With this book, I wanted to “Wake You Up” to what you already have, and provide you a guide to inspire, motivate and enthuse yourself and others to be successful in networking.

    Through the many years of training, lecturing, speaking and hosting networking events throughout the world, I have seen, heard and experienced that many people have the wrong perception of the power of networking. People often ask me how I got to be so inspired, motivated, enthused and maintain such a positive attitude. And I tell them that I keep the spirit and faith in networking alive in my heart and soul. I want to bring across this fact and to empower everyone that we were all born with a powerful network, but we don’t think we have a network, or know how to energize it to reach the level of success we are pursuing at a certain moment in our lives. We think that networking is for wealthy people, the famous persons or the individuals that give us an impression that they have everything under control and things are going so well for them. As we look at others around us, we sometimes wonder how they keep inspired, motivated or even enthused at work, on the job, at home or in whatever situation they are forced in. Well I am here to tell you that the ingredients for this state of mind is within you, you just have to give it a “Wake-up Call”!

    We often allow others to influence our mood and state of mind, our values and norms system, our character and type of behavior, our faith and hope beliefs, our ability to trust and respect others, our integrity and empathy for others, our perseverance and enthusiasm toward reaching our goals our determination and attitude to what is success or failure, and even how, what and when we need to give back the love to others in our network. I’m a firm believer that networking is a way of life, your life and we have to protect ourselves continuously from not giving up or abandoning our core value system. We have a built in value system and we need to learn how to unlock a very powerful force within ourselves by just turning the key, our personal key of life that will unleash in our mind the powerful ability to maintain inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm day-to-day under all networking circumstances or predicaments!

    Networking is not what you want, but what others in your network need or want at that moment in their lives – please don’t make the mistake that you think you have the best thing going. When we understand what networking is, we will quickly realize that we all are faced with the same challenges and obstructions.